My cookbooks reflect my three main specialties, which often overlap:

Below you’ll find information on all of my cookbooks currently in print. After each description, there is a sample recipe or two from the book for you to try.

You can purchase all of my books on-line and in bookstores.


Cookbook on Whole Grains

Whole Grains Every Day, Every Way

What exactly are whole grains? And how can we make them not only what we should eat, but what we really want to eat? There is a fantastic range of whole grains now available, from amaranth and teff to Chinese black rice and quinoa.

In her new book, Lorna demystifies them all with a thorough grain-by-grain primer followed by more than 150 contemporary recipes. This book is for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. Read more…


Cookbooks on Pressure Cooking

Pressure Perfect

Under pressure to get a tasty, nutritious dinner on the table in a flash? Like the idea of preparing fork-tender beef stew in thirty minutes? All this and more is made possibly by the pressure cooker, a magical appliance that produces soul-satisfying, homemade food in one-third (or less) the standard cooking time.

In Pressure Perfect, Lorna Sass distills her two decades of experience into one comprehensive volume. Includes over 200 recipes for preparing soups, meats, poultry, grains, beans, vegetables, and desserts in record time.

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The Pressured Cook

Since you’re already feeling under pressure when making dinner, why not reap the benefits and prepare flavor-packed and nutritious one-pot meals in minutes in a pressure cooker?

This book contains over 75 one-pot meals from the pressure cooker, most done in under a half hour. There are numerous vegetarian one-pots and some recipes offer vegetarian versions.

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Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure

Under pressure to prepare a quick, nutritious vegan dinner or to reduce your fat and cholesterol?

Bursting with rich soups, hearty vegetarian stews and casseroles, zesty curries, and flavor-packed chilis, this volume brings together over 150 vegan vegetarian recipes, most with cooking times of under ten minutes.

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Cookbooks on Vegan Vegetarian Cooking

Lorna Sass’ Complete Vegetarian Kitchen

The country’s foremost authority on innovative vegan cooking offers 250 cholesterol-free recipes including directions for both standard stove-top and pressure cooking. This volume features a complete A-to-Z glossary of wholesome ingredients for stocking the vegan pantry, including advice on selection and storage.

This is the updated paperback edition of the James Beard award-nominated Recipes from an Ecological Kitchen.

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Lorna Sass’ Short-Cut Vegetarian

Enjoy delicious meals every day of the week using Lorna’s short-cut techniques — strategies that result in a pantry filled with intense flavor by the spoonful.

In this collection of over 100 quick-cooking vegan recipes, health and flavor always come first and fast. You’ll also learn how to develop a repertoire using fast-cooking whole grains like quinoa and instant polenta to create main-dish pilafs and salads.

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The New Vegan Cookbook

Lavishly illustrated in full color, with over 40 internationally inspired recipes featuring fresh, delicious ingredients — easy enough for family meals, elegant enough for entertaining.

Nominated for the James Beard Award in the healthy cooking category, this volume includes a chapter called “Stocking the Vegan Pantry” which suggests staples to keep on hand and offers advice on sources, selection, and storage.

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The New Soy Cookbook

In The New Soy Cookbook, Lorna Sass’ mainly vegetarian and mostly cholesterol-free recipes feature soyfoods in a wide range of innovative, internationally inspired dishes. Now the humble bean has an exciting and delicious new appeal!

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