Lorna’s Links

The following list contains some of the resources recommended by Lorna. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact her.

  • Blue Bird Grain Farms

    This family farm in North Central Washington state is a fine source of whole grain farro. Farro is an ancient, unhybridized form of emmer wheat that is especially high in protein and has a delightfully chewy texture. (Farro imported from Italy is semi-pearled.)

  • Pressure Cooker World

    One-stop shopping for all brands and sizes plus knowledgeable salespeople who can direct you to the best cooker to suit your need.

  • Local Harvest

    Locate farmers in your area from whom you can buy directly, and also read my monthly column on healthy eating while you are there.

  • Slow Food

    An international organization that celebrates local flavors and works to preserve endangered plant and animal species and artisanal processes from disappearing. i Log onto their website to find a local chapter, called a convivium, near you.

  • Whole Grains Council

    A consortium of scientists, dietitians, industry members, and educators dedicated to getting more whole grain onto the American dinner plate and into school lunches.

  • My Pyramid

    Offers ways to make sure you are getting the USDA-recommended amount of whole grains into your diet; includes a diagram of the anatomy of a grain.

  • The Real Food Revival

    Sherri Brooks Vinton provides eaters with simple strategies for enjoying delicious, sustainably raised food.

  • 101 Cookbooks

    Heidi Swanson offers lively, contemporary food with a strong leaning towards healthy and whole grain.

  • Skinny Chef

    Contemporary and stylish recipes by health-oriented chef Jenn Iserloh, plus web casts of this rising culinary star’s television cooking segments.

  • Leite’s Culinaria

    Keenly intelligent observations of global food and recipes by Portuguese food specialist David Leite.

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